MAXI EARRINGSMaxi Earring Marta Brazil

Maxi Earring Marta Brazil

Product Description

Maxi Earring Marta Brazil African acrylic earring women, made with laser cut and engraving. Exclusive design jewelry made in Brazil. Worldwide Shipping.

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Saúda Accessories Afro decided to honor our player MARTA, elected 5 times the best player in the world, through a new and exclusive model of Maxi Earring ♥.

Saúda Afro's new accessory has that "swing" that every woman likes. It's light, charming, it takes the colors of our flag. Ideal not only to cheer for our Brazil, but for any other occasion. Rock!

Piece developed by designer Anderson Rosa (@oandersonbeta).

Available in Acrylic, Green and Yellow.

9 cm in length

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