Maxi Earring Dandara

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Maxi Earring Dandara African acrylic earring women, made with laser cut and engraving. Exclusive design jewelry made in Brazil. Worldwide Shipping.

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Celebrating Black Awareness Day in Brazil, Saúda Acessórios Afro has developed an amazing piece named Dandara.

This name was given in honor of none other than Dandara dos Palmares. Warrior of the colonial period of Brazil, she was the wife of Zumbi. Brave, she was one of the black female leaders who fought against the seventeenth-century slave system and assisted Zumbi in quilombo attack and defense strategies and plans. There are no records of where he was born, nor of his African descent. Reports and legends lead us to believe that he was born in Brazil and settled in Quilombo dos Palmares as a child. She was one of the real proof that a woman is not a fragile sex. In addition to domestic services, he planted, worked in the production of manioc flour, hunted and fought capoeira, as well as wielding weapons and leading the female phalanxes of the Palmarino black army.

Dandara committed suicide in 1694, not to return to the condition of slave. She still lives in everyone who fights for freedom.

Piece developed by designer Anderson Rosa (@oandersonbeta).

Available in Golden Acrylic with Black.

12 cm in diameter

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