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Maxi Earring Anastacia

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Maxi Earring Anastacia African acrylic earring women, made with laser cut and engraving. Exclusive design jewelry made in Brazil. Worldwide Shipping.

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In remembrance of the black men and women brought from Africa, Saúda Acessórios Afro has developed an incredible piece called Anastasia.

Saúda Afro's new accessory is ship-shaped, in memory of the millions of African slaves brought to Brazil from the mid-sixteenth century to the mid-nineteenth century. The five colors represent the more than 5 million people who landed on Brazilian soil, as well as being the 5 most used colors in the flags of all nations of the African continent. Named after Anastasia, considered one of the most important female figures in black history in the country. The black part of the earring exactly resembles the initial of her name, and that, with the other colors, forms a central star to point out that, Despite countless losses throughout history, the black was born to shine and deserves the top. The detail on the back of the earring brings a heart in thanks to all the sacrificed lives so we could be here. The meaning of the name Anastasia is "the risen one"; that has resurrection power; Resurrection May we all feel these living human beings within us from our history.

Learn more about the history of Anastasia at this link.

Piece developed by designer Anderson Rosa (@oandersonbeta).

Available in Acrylic, Black, White, Red, Green and Yellow.

8.5 cm in diameter

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