Earring Marielle


Earring Marielle comes to pay homage to Marielle Franco

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New Earring Marielle comes to pay homage to Marielle Franco

Woman, black, mother, feminist, sociologist, "slum creator", as she herself liked to talk. Born in Maré Complex, Rio de Janeiro's North Zone, on July 27, 1979, Marielle Francisco da Silva, Marielle Franco, was a reference in the fight for human rights.

With an integral scholarship, Marielle Franco graduated in Social Sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). During her studies at PUC, she was not involved with student movements, due to the limited availability of time, divided between studies and work to support her daughter Luyara, born when Marielle was 19 years old. Today, the young woman is 18 years old.

With her diploma as a sociologist, she, who had already worked as a child educator in the Albé Rosa Nursery in Maré, became a respected teacher and researcher. He later received a master's degree in Public Administration from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF).

The life of politics was dedicated to militancy in the defense of human rights and against violent actions in the favelas. The fight was fueled by the death of a friend, a victim of a stray bullet, during a shootout involving police and drug traffickers in the favela where she was born and lived.

-Marielle Franco joined in 2006 the campaign team that elected Marcelo Freixo to the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj). After his tenure as deputy, he was appointed as his parliamentary adviser. Later he assumed the coordination of the Commission for the Defense of Human Rights and Citizenship of the Assembly.

Two years ago, in the first electoral contest, she was elected with 46,502 votes for the position of councilwoman in the capital of Rio de Janeiro by the Mudar Coalition, formed by PSOL and PCB. Marielle Franco was the fifth most voted in the city. His academic and political trajectory earned him the public statement of vote of 257 academics and professors, who declared support for Marielle.

"Our bill was to exceed 6,000 or 6,500 votes, until the last minute on Saturday night we were campaigning. I was very happy with this expressive vote because I think it's a city response at the polls for what they want to take away, which is the debate of women, blackness and favelas, "she said shortly after the results.

Charismatic, she shouted with pride a catch phrase that plucked applause from the audience: "Woman's place is where she wants it."

Marielle Franco was critical of the federal intervention in public safety in Rio de Janeiro. She assumed the role of rapporteur of the Commission of the City Council of Rio, created to monitor the actions of the troops in the intervention.

On March 10, 2018, she had denounced, in her social networking profile, evidence that police officers of the 41st Military Police Battalion had committed abuses of authority against the residents of the Acari neighborhood.

At age 38, Marielle Franco was brutally shot to death in the Estácio neighborhood of downtown Rio. Anderson driver Pedro M. Gomes, 39, who was driving the vehicle, also died. Marielle returned from an event called "Black Youths Moving Structures" in Lapa.

Whoever had Marielle killed could hardly imagine that she was a seed, and that millions of Marielles around the world would rise the next day.

Mari said that occupying politics is fundamental to reducing the inequalities that surround us.

Since then this struggle has grown even stronger.


Developed in 3 versions: Acrylic Pink, Black and Lilac; Acrylic Red, Yellow and Green; Acrylic Blue Dark, White and Light Blue.

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