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The NEW Earring Jovelina is a tribute to Jovelina Black Pérola Negra.

Jovelina Faria Belford, was born in the Botafogo neighborhood, south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but soon moved to the suburbs.

His story is a testimony of struggle and overcoming. As a domestic servant, the sausage vendor has never given up on her dream of becoming a singer.

He was a fan of Bezerra da Silva, and under his inspiration began to make presentations at the Vegas Sport Club, in Coelho Neto, carried by his friend Dejalmir.

It was Dejalmir himself who chose his stage name, Jovelina Pérola Negra, in honor of his color.

From Coelho Neto, he went to Belford Roxo and then to Madureira, where, at the Imperio Serrano Samba School, he paraded for years in the ward of the Baianas. In Estrela de Madureira he met Roberto Ribeiro, Jorginho do Império and other important names of the school.

He began to sing alongside these artists and became an attraction at the Botequim do Império Show, which was held on the school grounds during rehearsals, to increase the cash that financed parades.

It was not long before her fans saw her as the natural heir of Clementina de Jesus in the dynasty of the great female voices of samba.

Jovelina was one of the most important pieces in the conduction of backyard samba and the pagoda to the front line of MPB.

The artist debuted in music belatedly, in 1985, when she was 40 years old, with her participation in three tracks of the compilation Raça Brasileira.

The following year the singer recorded her first solo album with sambas of her own and composers like Nei Lopes and Monarco.

In all, he recorded six albums, among them "Smile Open" in 1988, "Good Blood" in 1991, "Vou da Fé", in 1993, when he won a platinum album. Among his greatest hits are the songs "Feirinha da Pavuna", "Bagaço da Laranja" (recorded with Zeca Pagodinho), "No Same Manto" and "Garota Zona Sul".

The lady of the samba Jovelina Pérola Negra, died of a heart attack on November 2, 1998, at the age of 54, while sleeping in her house in the neighborhood of Pechincha, in Jacarepaguá.

Your voice and talent have missed you ♥.

Developed and Red, Black and Yellow Acrylic.

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