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The New Earring Argola Elza came to pay homage to the great Elza Soares

Owner of a powerful voice, that began to sing with the father to the five years, however, without acceptance of its family. She was born in the Vila favela of Moça Bonita (present Vila Vintém), on June 23, 1930. At age 12, she was forced to marry, and at 13 she was a mother. She showed up on Radio Tupi in hiding, hoping to get money to save her sick son, who died soon after.

At the age of 21, Elza had already had two children and her first husband. At that time the desperation was great because she had five children to raise and did not work outside. But in the middle of the tragedy, a light appeared: when she became a widow, Elza finally managed to venture into the artistic world.

And, as we know, this endeavor ended up working. The characteristic hoarseness made Elza a singular artist on the national scene. Its legacy is so notorious that the BBC of London chose it like the singer of the millenium, in 2000.

There is no better word to define Elza Soares: survivor. This is an 87-year-old lady, punished for life in every way. She faced hunger, poverty, marriage in childhood, hatred of the masses, dictatorship (she and Garrincha exiled in Europe for years), the death of four of her seven children, domestic violence and - as if it were not enough - a terrible spinal problem in old age.

Only the fact that she is alive is already remarkable and even more impressive is that Elza refuses to stop. On stage, you have to sit and breathe sometimes. Even so, the voice is still powerful - just like the spirit of this incredibly strong woman.


Developed in Black, White, Crystal and Gold Acrylic by designer Anderson Rosa (@oandersonbeta), it brings sophistication and versatility.

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