The Saúda Acessórios Afro brand was founded in Guarulhos-SP by graphic designer Anderson Rosa, on February 26, 2016. Through his experience in Samba Rock classes at Sambarockano, it was noticed the need for accessories that better represented the Afro culture with products at a fair price for your audience. The Afro market is warmed up, and this has made such products costly. The line of accessories of the Health is branded the appreciation of the African influence in Brazil, bringing trends of fashion and representativeness in its pieces. Made of tough, lightweight materials such as MDF and acrylic, in various colors and sizes, Salon accessories are gaining acceptance wherever they go.  


Saúda Afro's mission is to ensure respect for its public and offer products with representativeness and empowerment, always at affordable prices.


To be a reference company in the segment, recognized as the main option for customers and employees, for the quality of our products, services and excellence in service. 


- Integrity
- Creativity
- Flexibility and social responsibility


Saúda Afro aims to value African influence in our culture and especially to strengthen the importance of accepting us and being happy as we are born, free and creative in our way.

Market Differential

The great differential of the brand, which makes available to its public is that in a saturated market, where what is usually found are handcrafted, Health brings professionalism in this segment, through accessories using better elaborated and innovative materials, which exposes with a lot of creativity and good taste the symbols that are part of this culture.